Staff Recognition

Elgar Care believe in rewarding efforts and achievements. With rewards and recognition initiatives, engagement, satisfaction, motivation, and collaboration are all encouraged. And all of these components work together to create a flat-out great place to work.

Employee of The Month

Leah Ceaser

September 2021

Jane Lewis

October 2021

Karen Haig

November 2021

Davina Murdoch

December 2021

Marg Davies

January 2022

Barb Cooper

February 2022

Sarah Parkinson

March 2022

Michaela Taylor

April 2022

Denise Lane

May 2022

Denise Payne

June 2022

Loyalty Award

We believe in acknowledging loyalty at Elgar Care.

Lisa Cooper

Lisa was awarded an 3 course meal at The Shard for her 5 years at Elgar Care. 

Jane Lewis

Jane was awarded a skydiving for her 5 years at Elgar Care.

Sam Davies

Sam was rewarded a 3 course meal at the Gordon Ramsey restaurant at The Shard for her 5 years at Elgar Care. 

Maddie & Tracey

Two of our office workers celebrating their 5 years, with Maddie being rewarded with afternoon tea at Harrods and Tracey has a two night stay at The Sitting Duck.

Jo Cross

Jo has been awarded with a spa day for her 5 years at Elgar Care.

How To Apply

To apply or if you would like a friendly conversation, please get in touch with our recruitment team, our friendly team will be more than happy to help you


Phone: 01432 507560 

Plus, our door is always open to everyone!